Numerous Benefits Of Investing in Weightlifting Shoes


People must know that all kinds of sports has a specific show that is made only for that particular sport, the shoe can easily help in increasing the performance of the user and stop different injuries from getting to happen. It is vital that they make sure that they utilize the right shoe for the sport which they are playing in, this would easily be said in weightlifting where lifters must invest on a reliable weight lifting shoe. A large number of these weight lifting shoes are mostly designed to improve the total performance of the user when getting to lift heavier weights, the shoe would also have different safety features to avoid numerous injuries.

It can be dangerous for weightlifters to wear running shoes at when getting to lift heavy weights, this is because the shoe is not stable compared to weightlifting shoes that can help them stay stable. The first advantage of investing on weightlifting shoes is that it increases stability by having a raised heel, this raised heel would allow bending of the ankle joint while also having to keep their feet flat on the platform. The shoe assist lifters to bend and stay low when they would lift heavier weights, the lifter could not lose balance and would lift weights in a controlled way by keeping their feet to be flat on the platform.

Another thing that weightlifting shoes would do is to stop added harm to the body, damage can happen because they would lose their overall stability so the ligaments wold tear because there is not proper base the body would rest on. The shoe would get to activate the lower muscles in a very easy manner, the shoes have hard soles that would not allow the force that is used in lifting to lose added power on the lifting platform which would not allow them to lift heavy weights.

The kinetic energy that would come from the feet can easily be channelled in lifting weights, the shoes can assist in using all of the force which is made to lift the heavy weights with additional ease. Another important feature of these weightlifting shoes is the grip, the sole of the shoe needs to have neoprene or crepe so that the lifter would not slip or lose balance while having to lift heavier weights. To understand more about weightlifting, visit

The weightlifting shoes needs to be flexible in nature because of the reason that the feet of the weightlifters can easily bend and straighten quickly while doing numerous weightlifting exercises, it needs to allow energy to be stored, learn more here!


How to select the best weightlifting shoes


 Weightlifting is an exercise that is mainly undertaken by most people to get better body shape and muscles. Therefore, a special type of shoes is necessary for to facilitate the process of bodybuilding.   Most people make a mistake of thinking that any training shoes can play a multipurpose role including in the weightlifting.   Both weightlifting exercise and weight training shoes are equally significant for the exercise to generate proper results.   Weightlifting shoes work by providing an individual with more direction and stability required for muscle enlargement.

Indeed, the fundamental thing you should know when selecting The Lift Kicks is to keep away from shoes with too much padding.    This padding that is always made from a gel and different types of materials mainly work to soak up the force you produce once you lift weights, therefore excess of it will just hinder your exercise performance.

This is for the reason that most of your energy will be absorbed and your capacity to lift the weights minimized as a result of too much padding. These shoes, on the other hand, provide poor body balance and may even expose one into having a stern injury. This is why it is very vital only to use the shoes that can center your attention and all your energy on the weights that you lift. Therefore, it is imperative to get the best shoes designed for weight lifting before taking up these exercises.

On the other hand, A proper weightlifting shoe needs to be comfortable and fitting.   The weightlifting shoes ought to offer a favorable state of balance and support as well as non condensable neoprene or crepe wedge sole for traction purpose in any unsteady flooring.    Also it facilitates the process of controlling the stature of your body while you may be standing on an unsteady floor.    You do not want a situation where you lose your equilibrium while lifting heavy weights. For more details about weightlifting, visit

Whats more, the  majority of these shoes come in with a piece of lace all the way down to the toe and an adjustable straps across the metatarsal area to put in more lateral steadfastness.   Also, it is important to research online about the accessible type of weightlifting shoes that are reasonably priced yet very cheap either so that you don’t go for poor quality.   The comfort of the shoes while working out and its protective features are the most important things to consider as opposed to price.

It is obvious that the gains of weightlifting shoes are many.   As initially stated, weightlifting shoes enhance the process of lifting weights .  These shoes also provide defense from lower body part harm, and provision of ample stability during weightlifting exercises.

It is apparent to own these type of shoes whether you are a professional weightlifter or not.    Anyone who frequently undertakes this exercises will certainly require weightlifting shoes. Check this website to know more!

Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes


Those who do weightlifting regularly should wear weightlifting shoes.  Perhaps we don’t need to check out what shoes weightlifters use because they would surely use a pair if they regularly do weightlifting.  However, you might be wondering why exactly you should get these specialized shoes.  Can’t you just use your ordinary training shoes to lift those weights?  Weightlifters should not wear any other type of shoes when weightlifting for many reasons.  It is beneficial in a great way to use the proper weightlifting shoes when you go to the gym to lift weights.  If you haven’t purchased shoes for weightlifting

for yourself, then you will never fully  know what these benefits are.  Below are some of the many benefits that you can enjoy wearing weightlifting shoes when you lift weights.

Upon examining  weightlifting shoes, you will find that they have elevated heels.  This is one of the main characteristics of a weightlifting shoe.    As a weightlifter, you are certainly aware of the fact that proper posture is of utmost importance.   Proper posture determines whether you are able to lift the weights or have a difficult time doing so.  For weightlifters to be able to keep proper posture when doing their lifts, the elevated heel of their shoes makes it a lot easier for them to do it.  If you have been using ordinary training shoes for lifting, you will certainly feel the difference once you switch to weightlifting shoes.   With elevated heels on your shoes, it will be easier to lift the different lifts available.  And this is the reason why weightlifting shoes are very important to weightlifters.

Another thing that you will notice with the best weightlifting shoes is the fact that it is rather stiff.  This, once again, makes lifting a lot easier.  Sturdy feet are needed when you are performing lifts, especially if you are performing it in front of a live audience during the Olympics.  That is why weightlifting shoes are a lot stiffer than traditional training shoes.  If you use weightlifting shoes personally, you will soon find out that they are indeed very sturdy shoes when performing lifts.

Weightlifters can easily get injured lifting very heavy weights.  Not using the proper weightlifting shoes increases the risk of injury since these are the ones designed to help you make it easier to lift weights.  So aside from making the sport a bit easier for you, weight lifting also reduces the risk of you getting injured in the sport.  The ankle support, increased mobility, and a lot of others things that a weightlifting shoe will give you will definitely make your heavy lifts a lot safer.  So if weightlifting is your thing, then do go without having weightlifting shoes for yourself. To know more about weightlifting, visit


Advantages of Having the Best Weightlifting Shoes


In the gym not any shoe is used. You definitely need to be comfortable in your session. In your gym experience, your shoes will have a great role to play in. The Olympic lifters are not the only ones who handle the weightlifting shoes. The low squatters are not the only users for these shoes. In weightlifting the shoes have been designed to offer the best comfort. These are weightlifting shoes that transfer power back to your legs after putting power in the ground.

On your legs there is a pattern that usually happen. Coming down to your body is quite a great amount of force. This force is all supported by the feet. To handle that force your feet will therefore need the best cushioning. You may end up getting injured by the force coming down with the wrong shoes.

Weightlifters have a common injury which is call an ankle roll. This mainly comes about when lifting the heavy barbell shoulder press. This kind of injury is avoided by the less cushioning surface offered. The shoes have been designed to have a strap in place so as to secure the foot in place. There is therefore prevention of foot movements in the shoe. These shoes’ soles are made of rubber. This is therefore very ideal way for support as well as for the purposes of traction.

It gives you proper positioning having good weightlifting shoes like The Lift Kicks. Depending on the kind of exercise you are doing your muscles and bones are thus in the right place. They help in the maintenance of the correct position of your body. Tearing of ligaments as well as dislocations can be caused by rollovers in lifting. These shoes have straps thus fitting the foot to avoid such injuries. You are also helped to push harder to the side of the shoes by the strap. Hip activation is therefore done through this addition. A stronger and a more effective deadlift squat can thus be experience by the weightlifter.

For any weightlifter safety is the first priority. There is increase in the amount of weight being lifted and thus the health of the lifter needs consideration. The right shoes have therefore played a great role in ensuring that lifter do not suffer from life threatening injuries. Your shoes needs to give you an effective vertical thrust. Energy drain is not a concern by your body therefore this can be so. Getting the weight off the floor is a task your shoes enables by having your entire energy to be directed there. For more info about weightlifting, visit

A raised heel is present in the weightlifting shoes. More benefits are thus offered to the weight lifter. Deeper positions of squatting are thus made possible through this. The meaning of this is that your muscles can then be activated in a better way to move the weights upwards.

Lifting Your Level One Step at a Time: The Power Behind the Best Weightlifting Shoes – Find Yours


If you want to make sure that your power cleans are at par with the Olympic power cleans then it is important for you to use shoes for weightlifting. We are not assuming that shoes are just for style to impress your girl or your bros. It is all about the comfort it impacts the soles of your shoes, the muscles of your foot, and the widened range of motions. You can’t just imagine how you would look like in those magnificent weightlifting shoes from The Lift Kicks.

It is not surprising to hear from your relatives that your old man was using some old pair of leather boots to lift weights in their backyard back in the ’60s. It is the same funny thing today that you can use your own leather boots to lift some weights. But if you are after perfecting every stroke and lift in your power cleans program, going for special footwear is the best mindset. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation that it feels like you will are going to go off-balance while carrying a 180-lb barbell. In this modern age, technology is your buddy since you can find a good pair of quality weightlifting shoes online, on your smart phone.

There are only 3 classes of weight lifting shoes at, which you can find online. The solid ones with rubberized soled shoes are known to help the Olympic contestants to power their game. If you are after doing a lot of low-bar back squats then go for the flat-soled shoes type. This type also secures your foothold and contact with the floor. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular in power lifting sessions, this type of lifting shoes are great to use to enhance your balance and avoid falls. If you are going to master doing power lifts, we suggest for you to choose the last type of lifting shoes. We now know that the flat-soled shoes are best for doing low-bar back squats while the last type is best for power lifting. If you are mastering the squat stances and power lifting moves then choose this third type.

We highly recommend for you to continue reading the following tips based from sports and power lifting enthusiasts. A rubberized soles of the shoes is considered an important innovation to increase balance and good contact with the ground. It makes you more confident to make your every step. One tip: rubber soled shoes are usually cheaper than non-rubber soled ones.  To learn more about weightlifting, visit

It minimizes the tension between surfaces and enhances the step grip of each power stance.

You will never go wrong if you will utilize all the tips mentioned here when buying for the right weightlifting shoes at for you.